Self Test - Aggravating Factors on a Waiver Case

q1 : Have you ever been arrested, even if not convicted? Yes No

q2 : Have you had more than three traffic tickets? Yes No

q3 : Have you previously been petitioned for (on form I-130 or I-129F) by a different US citizen spouse or fiancé(e) or by a different LPR spouse, who is NOT your current petitioner? Yes No

q4 : If your petitioner is your spouse or fiancé(e), did he/she gain permanent residence in the US through a former US citizen or LPR spouse? Yes No

q5 : Is your petitioner originally from the same country that you are from? Yes No

q6 : If your petitioner is your spouse or fiancé(e), have you spent less than ten weeks total in each others' physical presence in the past five years? Yes No

q7 : Have you committed fraud in an attempt to gain a visa, entry into the US, or any other immigration benefit? Yes No

q8 : Did your petitioner participate in the actions that make you inadmissible? e.g. Helped you commit fraud? Asked you to come to the US unlawfully? Told you to overstay your visa? Was charged as a co-conspirator on the crime for which you were convicted? Etc. Yes No

q9 : Have you applied for and been denied asylum either because you failed to attend and asylum interview or hearing or because an asylum officer or immigration judge found you to be "not credible"? Yes No

q10 : Have you failed to comply with a Voluntary Departure order or an order for Removal/Deportation? Yes No

q11 : Have you illegally obtained federal student loans by misrepresenting your immigration status? Yes No

q12 : Have you ever been sued in civil court in the US and lost? Yes No

q13 : Has a former spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend ever applied for a Restraining Order against you in the US? Yes No

q14 : Are you in arrears on any child support order or agreement? Yes No

q15 : Has the IRS taken out a tax lien against you? Yes No