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Scott and Associates will begin taking new cases again starting immediately. This is a reversal of a recent announcement stating that the date for taking new cases had been pushed back to December 1. The decision was changed because the receptionist revealed that many people had been calling the firm expressing distress that the date had been pushed back to December as they had been anxiously awaiting the 'reopen' date of November 1. The receptionist pleaded on behalf of the callers and I relented. The Consultation Page has been re-opened and potential clients may begin requesting consultations again.

Unfortunately the problem remains that - due to backlogs at the NVC - I still have too many open cases to implement the new communication policies I've been planning. I had wanted to wait until I could implement the new communication policies before I began taking new clients again, but the new communication policies will simply have to wait until either December 1 or possibly January 1, 2015. The new policies are simply impractical until the number of open cases falls below 50, preferably less.